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Before You Read


As many weary travellers through central and south america have experienced, we were robbed..

I no longer have a camera, my SLR was stolen from a beach in Cuba, so the photos you’ll see are either from other people or the internet, or the Toucan Rescue Ranch Blog…

Back to film and polaroid it is!


Time to Take 5



Now that Ness (featured above) is gone, i’m flying solo! It’s a strange feeling…

Im in Quepos, Costa Rica now, taking the chance to stay in one place for a week and sort out my life. I’m staying in a hostel by the forest with comfy outdoor chairs and a puppy. Not to mention the national park and the beach. Pura Vida!


Photo Booth Shots

If I could Fly Away


Leslie, the owner of Costa Rica’s first Toucan Rescue Ranch, has created such a beautiful home for injured and abused wildlife, that even when one of her owls flew away when the roof came off in a storm,  the same owl returned at 2am 8 days later, and was found sleeping amongst the chickens. We went to a her Toucan Rescue Ranch and met 3 baby sloths and countless owls, porcupines, toucans, and scarlet macaws.

Leslie runs a private rescue ranch and has rescued (not to mention released) so many birds that have been brought in from the black market, been hit by cars and trucks or left homeless after deforestation.

Click here to see more about what she does.

She told us stories of how wild owls still come to visit the owls at the ranch. And horror stories of the black market and abuse.

And this is Andy. His mum ran (by ran i mean moved away veryyy slowly) away after two males were fighting over her, and he was left all by himself. He’s the first 3 toed sloth they rescued.

How good is a hot shower?


So good. I could count on my hands the amount of hot showers i’ve had since leaving Guadalajara. And i used to laugh at the signs in front of hotels that advertised “Hot Water”. But turns out you ARE lucky if you get hot water, even it it says they’ve got it.

But upon arriving in San Jose, there was a hot shower like none other waiting for us at the home of Nessa’s family friends. I’m talking steaming up the glass hot, none of this luke warm, hot for 3 minutes business.

San Jose is your average city. But all the beautiful houses are hidden by gates and/or fencing. But its surrounded by mountains and i bought my first pair of hiking boots. they are horrid looking. but i love them.

We were meant to go bungee jumping. But woke up with the severe trots and stomach cramps. And we were told that 30% of people shit themselves while bungee jumping, it was not the day to risk it. We then found out that is a total lie.

El Salvador and Nicaragua


Didn’t quite work out the way we hoped it would.. After just one day (2 nights) in San Salvador, we got news that the bus had mechanical issues and couldn’t leave to Grenada, Nicaragua, at all. So we ended up on a 5am bus to Managua, the notorious capital.

We ate dinner with an american, and two canadians on our last night in San Salvador. One had cycled for something like 7000km. And the other two filled our heads with instances of rape that they had come across in El Salvador and Costa Rica. Then we had to walk home.

View from our crater climb

So after just a day in San Salvador (climbing another volcano type crater in the forest and an amazing coffee), we had to move on. Upon reaching Managua, we met our Danish friend Andes, pronounced Anus. Ironically, he turned out the have the most foul smelling feet in the world, never has my my nose has been subjected to such an atrocity- and I’ve caught overnight busses with hippis.

We ate at a little local bar that night which was nice. A very kind man showed myself, ness and anus to his corner bar. He was so kind and also warned us several times about the dangers of where we were. That didn’t feel so good.

Then we found out there were no busses AT ALL until the 23rd from Managua (the day ness needed to fly out of San Jose) and our Grenada day trip dreams were ruined by having to get up at 6am (after the 5am bus) to wait at the station for some poor barstard to miss their bus from Managua to San Jose.

We decided to wait until the last bus at midday, and if we got no luck, we would embark south and some how get to the border via chicken busses or otherwise. That prospect actually excited me a bit.

Our main tourist sight in Managua, Tica Bus Station

Turned out there was ONE spare seat from Managua to San Jose. But Señor Fuentes from TicaBus was an angel disguised as a latino man. He organised for me to sit in the jump seat of the bus with the driver, then the step at the back of the bus, and then take the seats of those who get off. This is one of the many reasons I love central America.

But as ness said, “So Nicaragua was nice.. Particularly the view from the bus station.” What a damn shame, because Nicaragua actually IS amazing. So I’m going to vow to return to central america with more time.

Volcanoes Galore and Mordor


We climbed the Pacaya Volcano in Antigua, to 2300m. On this climb i discovered how much i love volcano climbing, if thats even a thing. Its calming while challenging and the perfect combination of exercise and nature. We hired walking sticks for the fun of it.

When we reached the base it was like entering Mordor with all the black volcanic stone that you can break with your hands and feel like a giant. Until you look up and there’s this gigantic volcano towering over you, that only erupted (a tiny eruption) 17 days ago.

We roasted our bread rolls on a rock. You can put twigs underneath the rocks until they heat up enough to catch fire, then the fire heats the rocks and the rocks cook the bread!

No photos of this, except film, and i don’t even know if that worked out because the exposure dial is broken! So here’s Mordor instead.