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A Windy Box


Isla Holbox. We got caught in the North wind the only two days we would be spending in the beautiful Isla Holbox, the wind was going to settle the day after we left. Georgia was down and out with the typical Mexican bout of illness, things were not looking up.

Until we rented bikes and scaled the island in search of Flamingos. We found stingrays and birds and weird crab/stingray things.


Buses are not made for tall people with frizzy long hair.


Welcome to second-class Mexican buses. The air conditioner is really loud and really cold; a big black unit that hangs down in the middle of the aisle.

Here’s Annie Holliday just walking on by after the disappointment of the bus door closing in her face, all she wanted to do was use the toilet.

She walks back, sullen in despair, face tilted towards the ground. Suddenly, she is brought to an abrupt halt and her head is forced back up revealing a startled and confused face, arms held out in suspense, a worried cry escaping her lips.

The air conditioner had sucked up a section of her frizzy long bun. As the Mexicans sat laughing at the tall white person stuck in the middle of the aisle, we all kept screaming “para!” (stop) to the driver.

Annie remained mute, communicating nothing but the strangled cry.

Funniest thing i’ve seen all trip.

We got her out eventually, but we were all just a bit slow to react amongst the panic and confusion. Her head still hurts and we can’t stop impersonating her reaction.

Crocodiles in the Canyon


We took a boat through massive canyons, and since I now have no photos of it and Tamsin wasn’t there, I don’t actually have any pictures to show.

I felt like the biggest tourist, on a boat with all these other people in life jackets with their cameras out. But we saw 2 crocodiles! And a spider monkey. And huuuugggeeee cliffs. . And a waterfall where the moss had shaped itself into a massive chirstmas tree.. Then typical mexican style, a boat full of shit they were selling. The crocs were so still they seemed fake, and some ass-wipe threw a beer can at one to get it to move. The can only added to the coke bottles and rubbish that stupid people had already spoiled the water with. But it was still beautiful.

Georgias Photos

The Best Day Disappeared.


While importing my photos from what had been the best day of our trip so far, something went wrong and bam- they were all gone. So writing and Tamsin’s photos are going to have to suffice.

But picture this. Ancient ruins in the middle of a jungle. We were in Palenque. We met this old little man who had been a historian since 1965, and in my opinion a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

He believed that the Maya were the world’s biggest hoax! But in the photos of the carvings, and the carvings themselves, there were Indian meditation hand symbols, the egyptian key of life and all these other influences from the Chinese and the Greeks.

So.. He believed that the ruins weren’t built by the “Maya” really, but first by the Chinese, followed by the Indians and Egyptians, and Greeks; even the maya language is a mix of all these cultures.

To me that says that the Maya existed- but they were a mix of all those cultures. And maybe they didn’t built the pyramids all at the one time as a complete civilisation, but slowly became a mix of each, and each culture added a bit more to the structures.. [insert picture of carving here]- wait, don’t have it anymore.

But before we even reached the temples, we went to Agua Azules- and its one of the most beautiful places i have seen here.
The water is out of this world, so turquoise blue that it looks fake, or saturated. It looks like something out of a fairy story book or something. We swum too and there weren’t many people there at all. It was unbelievable.
I also took some cool photos of lizards and butterflies. Which I would [insert lizards and butterflies here]. But alas, the photos are gone.
Then we went to this waterfall, and entered this pitch black cave with some torches, and inside the cave was this mini waterfall and all these bats! They were flying off the roof, which looked like the stone had been dripping and melting like wax for a thousand years. It was so cool. It was really hard to get a picture, but i go a few shots of the bats, then i thought my flash might be paralysing them so i left the cave too.
And then jumped from the rocks INTO to this water fall.

Fish Can Fly.


I kid you not.

Ok, stingrays then, stingrays can fly. This is by far the most bizarre thing i have seen here! And also one of the coolest…

Our boat ride also lead us to turtles, and the intense moment where our boat driver leapt into the ocean as the boat sped up, and stayed floating with a turtle. We spent the rest of the day snorkelling and playing guitar til the sun went down.

Naked. Beach.



We went to Zipolite. A nude Beach.  At first it just seemed like a regular beach.. And then they begun to emerge. The naked people. Just hanging out naked. In hats. And people (wearing clothes) selling necklaces, and naked people casually browsing through the necklaces. Naked.

I also bought a Frida Kahlo sarong. I love it.