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Tequila Cures Colds



After getting home from a big weekend in Mexico City, I was coughing and spluttering everywhere. And what does my host mum do? The legend made me a honey and lemon concoction… BUT it was honey from the Agave plant- the tequila plant!! I was drinking tequila honey! For a cold! 

That’s when you know you are in Mexico.


I like tongue


I ate “la lengua” (which is tongue) in a burrito yesterday. Surprisingly, I liked it.

The trick is to stare it down, and pretend its not tongue…

I ate raw prawns yesterday. There is no trick to them, except don’t do it.

I ate a donut yesterday that was better than Krispy Kreme.

Not a bad day for food.


Just a little observation..


I couldn’t help but notice a small contradiction regarding chivalry here. On one hand, it is really nice to be given preference to board the bus first, sometimes a guy will even give up his seat, sometimes. On the other hand, it still surprises me every time I see a bus drive past a female. Every single male head, literally EVERY SINGLE ONE, without fail, will turn to look and their eyes will remain fixed on the female subject until their necks can no longer keeping twisting and the bus drives past. It’s quite comical to watch. 

We have a mexican friend called Natalia who lived in Wollongong for a year. I found it really interesting that she told us she actually missed this is kind of attention when she was in Aus.  No matter what shape, size or fashion sense you have, the resonating and never ending wolf whistle is a tune your ears will grow immune too, but it was something that Natalia actually missed! Something that we westerns find at times degrading and annoying, people like Natalia found flattering…

The XX


After heading to Hotchip last week at the ripe time of 8PM we found ourselves waiting four and a half hours to see them play.. With 2 support bands beforehand, of course, who started at around 930.

So when the night finally arrived to see The XX we got there around 8:15 sadly to find we had missed the first 4 songs. But the rest of their set was awesome and the crowd was so into it, i could just hear the broad mexican accent from the man behind me singing his little heart out. The sound was amazing and sent shivers through your body.

What surprised me though, is that they didn’t have any support bands. None. And i have no idea why.. But i didn’t like that for 2 reasons; firstly we don’t get to see other bands play and discover new music, and secondly i didn’t feel like it was very supportive of local music, or the the music industry in general..

They said 2 things to us the entire set, which is fair enough, it’s The XX and we don’t expect them to scream at the crowd with rock and roll fingers. But as I saw Oliver Sim rub his eyes tiredly then proceed to speak flatly into the mic, “thanks mexico this has been the best gig ever, seriously”, I couldn’t help but feel they’d just given the typical, and blatant lie to everyone. I doubt the best gig ever would end with no encore..

Anyway, I got to see The XX play and I’m stoked either way.



What you see in the City


Every time I head into the centre, I’m reminded of how much I love it. Here are some random things we see while simply strolling about…

  • Percussion Bands


  • A Floating Man (he was an absolute asshole and the most opposite to a calm floating monk you can get) and i have no idea how he’s doing that…

  • Sleepy Puppies

  • A drummer playing while people casually backflip off a ramp
  • A band made from entirely recycled items!