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To get us pumped for Mexico…


“Mexico in your senses”


In Mexico…

  • It’s 30 + degrees and quite humid but apparently no one wears shorts around here! I’m not loving wearing jeans and experiencing the new and unwelcome feeling of leg sweat.
  • They ride in the back of ute trays here; literally pack ’em all in and just go. I saw people standing on top of a bus once ( i think it was for a soccer celebration)
  • The people genuinely want to you take part in their culture and don’t invite you places purely out of politeness. 

La Familia


La Familia

My host father is an amazing artist, this is one of his paintings. He loves Van Gough and the cello. My host mother owns a little store next door that repairs and makes clothes. They are so warm and welcoming and have invited me to join their family days and shopping trips. My spanish will improve because of them and i can’t wait to actually be able to speak with them properly!

Don’t Look Down


I’d been in Mexico three days, exploring the city el solo. I thought it was time I spread my wings and meet some more people. So I decided to head out with the people I met through ‘Conexion’, an organisation for exchange students where we can meet each other, find housing etc. I walked into a room full of people by myself and had to, what i like to call “brave the awkward moment”. I do that a lot here, what else are you meant to do when the conversation stops and you still have no idea what they have just said- awkward silence and smiles.

But I met people from France, Mexico and US and once we all started drinking and talking the awkward moments begun to falter. And then my friend Carfe arrived, he was the one who picked me up from the airport, its always nice to see a familiar face. Everyone there then piled into the cars, and Carfe told us- if the police come past, just put your drinks down. And i thought to myself…”So we are just going to ignore the fact that there are 6 people sitting in the back of your car then? OK!”

I should also mention, in the cab on the way home there were 9 of us in a tiny cab, myself, 7 Frenchies and the driver. We definitely popped his front left tire! We all stood around holding out our phones to give him light as he changed it, then we were on our way again!

The cab driver took it for us!

I had my first salsa experience that night and i sucked. Really really sucked. But apparently everyone can salsa here, much like everyone can swim back home. I kicked off my oversized heels and took to the dance floor, Carfe just told me “the most important thing is not to look down at the moves” and he tossed his head back, “just listen to the music!”. So I pulled my eyes away from our feet and just tried to go with it, and, sure enough..

I still sucked.

PS- That massive bottle of tequila is about $7.50 AUS